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Artist profile: Paola Bazz

Artist profile: Paola Bazz

Artist profile: Paola Bazz

Following the release of  director David Birtles short film, Klein Editions explores contemporary artist Paola Bazz’s professional life from her early days as an architect in Italy, to her career as a full time artist in England.

Born in Padua, Italy, Paola Bazz is a contemporary artist based in Manchester.In her early years she studied painting and drawing. After completing an architecture degree in Venice, she began her professional career as an architect. Between 1991 and 2010 she worked on house renovations and interiors, as well as exhibitions and theatre scenography in Italy’s most important cities.

[Short film by English director David Birtle – Trevor’s House Production]

Throughout her successful career as an architect, Paola continued to paint and draw. She experimented with several techniques and materials, mostly recycled, and entered her work around portraits. People’s faces, the movement of their bodies, and the relationship between public and private life, became the themes of her paintings.Between 2004 and 2008 Paola’swork was shown in both solo and group exhibitions across Italy, and in 2005 she co-founded “Gruppo Fuoridisegno”.

Paola 10-DavidBirtles  Paola 11-DavidBirtles

It was in 2018 that Paola, searching for new artistic solutions, began working on the production of collages made by using recycled paper from magazines. In 2010 the artist moved to Brussels “where I found new inspiration in the chaotic succession of images, messages, colours, and cultures of the city”.Paola has been based in Manchester since 2012 where she continues to explore the dimension and power of printed paper, along with issues concerning human identity and its connection to contemporary society.