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From Collage To Print

From Collage To Print

From Collage To Print


Italian 2D and 3D artist Paola Bazz has recently agreed to releasing limited edition prints of her most impressive collages. What does this transition from tridimensional art to prints mean?

The artist has previously explained to Klein Editions her choices of artistic medium in saying that ‘by using paper, whose use-value is ritualistic, emotional and consumerist, I want people to investigate into the idea of consumerism in society and people’s neglectful tendency towards the environment.

Her technique has proven to be very effective over the years, as her work is both beautiful to look at and equally profound in meaning. Thanks to the tridimensional quality of her pieces, Bazz is able to invite the public to reflect upon what they are seeing as well as what they are not seeing, while constantly reminding us all of issues relating to our environment through the chosen recycled materials that characterise her work.

Following the success of several original collages, the artist is releasing a number of limited editions of prints. In doing so she is allowing some of her work to become one-dimensional. Because of the nature of the artwork, some might ask the question: will it work as a print?  Yes, it will and it does.

First of all, the artworks have been professionally photographed, which allows for incredibly detailed prints that almost look tridimensional and retain the visual effect of a collage. Reproducing the originals into as prints also makes for more manageable artwork; in many ways easier to purchase, transport, collect, and place in one’s home.

Most importantly, Paola Bazz’s prints may be physically one-dimensional, but they hold a strong connection to their tridimensional roots. The prints are a sophisticated reflection of the artist’s analysis of contemporary society’s values, and carry the important messages she conveys through her art.

Artworks by Paola Bazz


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